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Ansel Adams glass plates found at Garage Sale

Did you read about the fellow in Fresno, California (Rick Norsigian) who bought two boxes of old photographs at a garage sale for $45?  Norsigian stored the photos under his pool table for years before deciding to take a closer look.  Turns out that the photos were original Ansel Adams glass plates (a form of early photographic negatives). 


A team of art, forensic, handwriting and weather experts concluded that the 65 photographic glass plates in the boxes were created more than 80 years ago by Ansel Adams, the iconic American photographer whose images of the West inspired our country.  The photos were appraised at $200 million.


What treasures do you have under your pool table -- or in your attic or garage -- that are worth something to you?

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Nominate your favorite film to be preserved

Now is the time to nominate your favorite film to be digitally transferred and included in the National Film Preservation Board (NFPB), a project of the Library of Congress.   To nominate a film, visit

According to the NFPB, its primary mission is to :

"save orphan films — those without owners able to pay for their preservation. The films most at-risk are newsreels, silent films, experimental works, films out of copyright protection, significant amateur footage, documentaries, and features made outside the commercial mainstream. Orphan films are the living record of the twentieth century."

Once selected, the NFPB works to conducts the film transfer and make them accessible to present and future generations of Americans.

In 2010, 25 films were added to the registry, including "All the President's Men," "The Pink Panther" and "Cry of Jazz."

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