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Hi8 Players - How to find a camera to play Hi8 tapes

Hi8 Players are no longer being manufactured so it can be difficult and expensive to track down a Hi8 player to playback your Hi-8 home video tapes.   Sony introduced Hi8 players back in the mid '80 and improved the technology over the years from it's analog form, Video8 (or 8mm) and Hi8 tapes, to it's latest digital form, Digital8 tapes.  All of these tape types are part of the Hi8 family and thus have the same outside physical cassette dimensions yet not all Hi8 players, Hi8 decks, or Hi8 camcorders will play back the different Hi8 tape types.  However as the Hi8 player technology developed backwards compatibility was maintained; so a Video8 player can only playback Video8 tape, yet a Hi8 player can playback both Hi8 and Video8 tapes, and a Digital8 player can playback all three: video8, hi8, and digital8.  For this reason it's recommended to find a Digital8 player to play back your Hi8 tapes.  Hi8 players are expensive but can be purchased at online electronic stores like B&H Photo for $700 or on ebay for ~$600 and occasionally on craigslist.   We recommend converting Hi8 to DVD to ensure compatibility and playback with future devices.   To place an order to convert Hi8 to DVD go to the Memoryhub Video Transfer Order Page

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