Discover how easy it is to scan 35mm Negatives!

Have you uncovered a treasure of negatives but can't find the prints? Let MemoryHub come to the rescue!

Easily scan your 35mm negatives with our top quality and affordable 35mm negative scanning service.

Scan 35mm Negatives!

35mm Negatives Scanning Service

At MemoryHub your 35mm negatives are scanned with Kodak’s best 35mm negative scanners to ensure your memories are preserved at the highest quality.  These scanners employ Digital Image Correction and Enhancement technologies to help assist our skilled technicians in producing the highest quality scans of your 35mm negatives.  Your images will look absolutely amazing!  Start the 35mm negative scanning process today by filling out the order form

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Your original 35mm negatives will be returned to you.
  • All 35mm negative scans will be scanned into JPEG photo files and returned to you on a Archive Photo DVD.
  • Create amazing photo gifts from your 35mm negative scans via the online MemoryHub Photo Tool.
  • Preserve your 35mm negatives along with all your photos in your personal online MemoryVault.
  • Outstanding MemoryManager customer service and assistance.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your memories are safe, secure and ready to enjoy for generations.

Standard 35mm Negative Scanning

Standard Formats

35mm negative scanning in strips of four or more. Negatives are scanned at 3000ppi and output as a .JPG image file.



35mm Negatives
3000ppi .jpg
Higher Res
4000ppi .jpg or .tiff

Archive Photo DVD
Additional Archive Photo DVDs
Slideshow Photo DVD
Additional Slideshow Photo DVDs

Special Formats
35mm Black & White
3000ppi .jpg
Higher Res
4000ppi .jpg or .tiff
120/220/Disc Negatives
3000ppi .jpg
Higher Res
4000ppi.jpg or .tiff
110/126/127 Color Negatives
3000ppi .jpg
APS Film

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"I love my memories, but I am not a technologically savvy person. The personal assistance that the MemoryHub team offers was invaluable to me."
—Rebecca, Gaithersburg MD

Transfer Services

35mm Negative Scanning Services Include:

35mm negative scan with and without Digital ICE

What is Digital ICE Technology?

"Digital ICE" stands for Digital Image Correction and Enhancement, and is a set of technologies that automatically removes surface defects, such as dust and scratches, from your 35mm negatives. KODAK Digital ICE Technology works from within the negative scanner to detect and reduce dust and surface scratches without softening, blurring, or altering the image.

About our Negative Scanner

Not all 35mm Negative Scanners are alike. MemoryHub has a large fleet of Kodak's top of the line "Pro-Lab" HR 500 Plus Negitave Scanners with Digital ICE Technology for the highest commercial-grade 35mm negative scan. The Kodak HR500 Negative Scanner can scan negatives ranging from 35mm to 70mm widths, including 46mm width film and the 120/126/127 series negative formats.

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