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Betamax to DVD - Convert Sony Betamax Tapes

Are your Memories trapped on betamax tapes?

Betamax to DVD Transfer

The Sony Betamax format battled with the VHS format throughout the ‘80s; the VHS format proved to be more popular but a plethora of home movie memories were captured on beta tapes.  These days finding a betamax player can be difficult and expensive, but MemoryHub makes it easy to relive your long lost betamax memories with professional and affordable betamax to dvd conversion.

Like all analog video formats, Betamax tapes suffer over time with noticeable image loss after just 5 years so it’s very important to convert betamax to digital as soon as you can to save your memories from fading away.  To get started with MemoryHub’s professional Betamax to DVD transfer service complete the online order form today!

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*Only the first 2 hours of each tape will be transfered to DVD

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"Gift Guide. Give the gift of the past. Those Super8 or VHS tapes filled with priceless childhood memories? Enlist a service such as to convert them from yesterday's formats to DVD."
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"Thank goodness I found MemoryHub! I literally had boxes of old photos that were curling and fading terribly, plus all those old home movies in the basement. We didn't even have a VCR anymore to play them on. From start to finish MemoryHub took care of me and now I can watch and share all these wonderful old memories online! I cried the first time I saw all my old photos online. Thank you MemoryHub!!"
—John, Houston TX

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Details about our betamax to DVD Conversion Services

Sony BetaMax Tapes?

BetaMax is an obsolete tape format developed by Sony back in the mid '70s. It was eventually defeated by it's rival format VHS, which was developed by JVC. Sony conceded defeat in the late '80s when it began producing VHS VCRs. Betamax videotapes can record 120 minutes of content. A Betamax cassette is 7 1/4" wide, 4" deep, and about 1" thick. It contains a 1/2" wide magnetic tape that is wound between two rolls, one of which is typically viewable through the transparent cassette window.

What if my BetaMax tape is longer than two hours?

We transfer all of our BetaMax tapes to DVDs or digital files on a one-tape to one-DVD basis, for up to two hours per tape. This may be an issue for your Betamax tapes, as they may contain up to three hours of video if recorded in standard mode, or up to six or even eight hours of video if recorded in extended LP or EP/ELP mode. If you believe your BetaMax tape might hold more than two hours of content, you can download our 2+ hour production form and include it with your order. We will then create additional DVDs from each additional 0-2 hour segment of video on your tape, and contact you to place an additional order for any extra DVDs which were required for your order.

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