Don't start from scratch, convert slides to digital!

Your slides are at risk - collecting dust, getting scratched and maybe even changing color in that dark shoebox in your garage.

Let MemoryHub's slide scanning service convert your slides to digital files before it's too late, and enjoy your memories all over again

Scan Your Slides to DVD!

Slide Scanning Services

We use state-of-the-art slide scanners to make sure that we preserve and convert slides to digital files at very high quality. Digital Ice and other color enhancing technologies employed when converting slides to digital formats remove dust and scratches and revive faded images. Our slide scanning service scans a wide range of slide formats so that all of your memories can be preserved.  You’ll get all your original slides safely returned to you, along with your converted slides scanned to digital images on Archive Photo DVDs.

If you keep your slides in carousels, you are welcome to send in the entire carousel. We’ll carefully clean and scan each slide, place them into custom archive boxes, and send the slide carousel back to you with your originals.

Standard Slide Scanning Formats

Slide Scanning Formats

35mm slides in 2x2 cardboard and plastic mounts. Slides are scanned at 3000ppi and converted to a high-quality .JPG digital file.

Additional Slide Formats

Additional Slide Scanning Formats

35mm slides in 2x2 glass mounts, 120/220, 110, 126, and 127. Additional charges apply for these slide formats.

Deluxe Slide Scanning Services

With our High-resolution option, we convert slides to digital files at 4000ppi and output as high-quality .JPG image files. You will be able to print up to 16"x24” prints from this resolution.

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Relax knowing that you saved money and your precious memories are safe.

35mm Slides
3000ppi .jpg
Higher Res
4000ppi .jpg or .tiff

Archive Photo DVD
Additional Archive Photo DVDs
Slideshow Photo DVD
Additional Slideshow Photo DVDs

Special Formats
120/220 Slides
3000ppi .jpg
Higher Res
4000ppic .jpg or .tiff
110/126/127 Slides
3000ppi .jpg
Fee for Carousel

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"Gift Guide. Give the gift of the past. Those Super8 or VHS tapes filled with priceless childhood memories? Enlist a service such as to convert them from yesterday's formats to DVD."
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"I have photos and videos all over the place. I never have time to organize them or even remember where they all are. And I have family that would love to see these memories all over the US. I am so excited to get started!"
—Jennifer, Portland OR

Transfer Services

Slide Scanning Services Include:

Accepted Slide Formats

What is Digital Ice Technology?

"Digital Ice" stands for Digital Image Correction and Enhancement, and is a set of technologies that automatically removes surface defects, such as dust and scratches, during the slide scanning process. MemoryHub utilizes Kodak "Pro-Lab" HR500 Plus Slide Scanners with Digital Ice Technology for the highest commercial-grade slide scanning image available today.

Special Instructions

Your slides will be scanned as you’ve sent them; but if you need them in exact order, please number the slides. If you would like them in groups, just bundle them together as you’d like us to organize them on your DVDs. If you’d like your Archive Photo DVD to have the images arranged in folders with specific titles, bundle the images and include instructions for the folder titles you would like.

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