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Grab that box full of VHS-C tapes and rescue them from the dangers of time before it’s too late.  MemoryHub makes it so easy to convert VHS-C to DVD so you can preserve and enjoy your video memories for generations to come.

MemoryHub’s professional video transfer service has been trusted by consumer and professionals alike for over 30 years; with thousands of video tapes converted every month.  Let MemoryHub’s years of experience and affordable pricing save your vhsc memories today.

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"Gift Guide. Give the gift of the past. Those Super8 or VHS tapes filled with priceless childhood memories? Enlist a service such as to convert them from yesterday's formats to DVD."
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"I took images from the last 20 years of photos and slides I sent in to MemoryHub and put together the most amazing chronology of my son's life in a stunning PhotoBook. Thanks MemoryHub!"
—Heidi, Bellingham WA

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Details about our VHS-C to DVD Conversion Services

What are VHS-C Tapes?

VHS-C tapes are compact versions of the VHS tape format. (In other words, the “C” in VHS-C stands for “compact.”) It is a compact VHS format introduced in the early '80s primarily for compact consumer grade video cameras. Like the standard VHS tape, the VHS-C cassette is wound on a central spool and is advanced by a gear wheel. The VHS-C tape could also be advanced manually by using the fingers. (Betamax tapes were unable to be easily manually advanced, which was one factor that hindered the growth of their popularity.)

How do I know if I have VHS-C tapes?

VHS-C cassette's are 3 5/8" wide X 2 1/4" high X 7/8" deep (see VHS-C cassette image to the right) and use a half inch magnetic tape (just like a regular VHS) as the recording medium. VHS-C tapes are very common and typically record 30-60 minutes of video.

How long are my VHS-C tapes?

VHS-C tapes typically had record times of 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes in standard record mode. If your camcorder had an extended play record mode, these same videotapes could hold twice as much content, resulting in tapes with 40, 60 or even 120 minutes of footage.

Do I need an adapter to play VHS-C tapes in a VCR?

Because VHS-C tapes use the same kind of tape as a regular VHS, you can purchase an adaptor to play your tapes back on a VCR (See VHS-C Note: VHS-C tapes are the only kind of tapes with an adaptor for VCR playback. There is no such device for 8mm or miniDV tapes. VHS-C tapes are basically smaller and shorter VHS tapes.

What is SVHS-C?

Over time, a higher quality version of the VHS-C tape was commercially released. This higher quality version was called “SVHS-C.” The release of the SVHS-C tape format lead to the production and release of SVHS-C players that were similarly inexpensive. The SVHS-C players became very popular as they included many features that consumers found desirable, including an easy to use playback function.

Do people still use VHS-C camcorders?

Over time, as digital media were introduced, the VHS-C format – and the VHS format for that matter – became slowly obsolete as consumers migrated to higher picture quality formats, including digital video formats like Digital8 tapes and MiniDV tapes.

Luckily for those customers still with working camcorders, VHS-C videotapes are still available for purchase.

Additional Resources

Interested in learning more about the VHS-C video format? Read more at Wikipedia VHS-C or at Media College for VHS-C tapes or SVHS-C tapes

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