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The convenient service for all your VHS to DVD converting needs- MemoryHub's hassle free VHS to DVD conversion service.

Best quality all digital VHS to DVD transfer makes it easy for you to enjoy, convert and preserve your VHS memories for generations!

Convert VHS to DVD

Convert your VHS tapes to DVD or Digital Files at the best quality!

MemoryHub’s VHS to DVD service offers the best picture quality and incredible pricing.  So grab a towel, dust off that shoe box of VHS tapes, and discover how easy it is to convert VHS to DVD. You’ll be enjoying your favorite VHS tape memories on the big screen in no time!

Our VHS transfer service has been trusted by professionals and consumers for over 30 years; in fact our technicians have literally handled thousands of VHS to DVD conversions, so rest easily knowing your VHS to DVD transfer is being handled with the utmost care.

Start converting your VHS tapes to DVD today by completing the MemoryHub order form.  We accept orders for VHS to DVD conversion, VHS-C to DVD conversion and SVHS to DVD conversion.

Go for the Gold and save money on your VHS to DVD conversion

Our Gold Account discount pricing program is a wonderful option to save you money on your VHS transfer order.  Going for Gold drops the price of your VHS conversion from our standard $17.99/tape to only $8.99/tape for up to two hours of video per tape.  You can also enjoy discounts on our full range of film transfer, slide scanning, photo scanning, negative scanning and audio transfer services for a full year before you automatically drop from the program.

I want to edit my VHS tapes - Can you transfer VHS to Digital files too?

Yes, you can receive your VHS tapes as digital files for easy editing on your home computer.  You can add a digital file to your DVD transfer order for as little as $9.99 (H.264 video for iMovie) or $11.99 (uncompressed .AVI files for PC) per 2-hour tape with a Gold Account.  If you want the digital files instead of the DVDs, our Gold Account members can receive the files for as little as $13.99 (H.264 video for iMovie) or $16.99 (uncompressed .AVI for PCs) per 2-hour tape.

All digital file transfer orders are placed over the phone, as we like to talk to our customers individually to ensure we are delivering the appropriate file type for your needs, and to arrange for delivery of a suitably-sized hard-drive.  So call us at 510-342-9140 to place your VHS to digital file transfer order today!.

Choose the Gold level account for HUGE Savings!

Relax knowing that you saved money and your precious memories are safe.

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Convert all consumer video tape formats for the same low price!

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*Only the first 2 hours of each tape will be transfered to DVD

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Have Questions?

Please feel free to give us a call at 510.342.9140 to speak live with one of our sales and support specialists.

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Martha Stewart Living
"Gift Guide. Give the gift of the past. Those Super8 or VHS tapes filled with priceless childhood memories? Enlist a service such as MemoryHub.com to convert them from yesterday's formats to DVD."
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"I took images from the last 20 years of photos and slides I sent in to MemoryHub and put together the most amazing chronology of my son's life in a stunning PhotoBook. Thanks MemoryHub!"
—Heidi, Bellingham WA

Transfer Services

VHS Tape

What are VHS Tapes?

VHS stands for Video Home System, and was a video recording standard developed by JVC back in 1971. VHS cassette's are 7 3/8" wide X 4" high X 1" deep (see VHS cassette image right) and use a half inch magnetic tape as the recording medium. VHS T-120 tapes are most common and can record up to 2 hours in standard definition. Some people also refer to VHS tapes as VCR tapes because VHS tapes play in a VCR, but VHS tapes is the proper term to use. Read more about the History of VHS Tapes on our blog.

Why should you transfer your VHS tapes?

There are numerous reasons to transfer your VHS tape collection to DVD or digital files. First, VHS tapes degrade over time because they are a magnetic media. With proper storage techniques, VHS tapes can last up to 25 years, and sometimes even longer. That being said, VHS tapes can have noticeable degradation after as little as five years. Learn more about video storage tips for your collection of VHS tapes.

Many people no longer have their VCRs, and it is increasingly difficult to purchase a VHS player, as they have largely been replaced by DVD and BlueRay DVD players. Many stores no longer carry VCRs, and replacement parts are becoming harder and harder to find. Many of our customers have vast libraries of home videos that they are no longer able to watch, and transferring their tapes is the only way that their memories can be enjoyed.

Finally, the advantages of DVDs or digital files over videotapes are numerous. Being digital, DVDs can be copied without any quality loss. Since most VCRs have been replaced by DVD players, you can once again actually watch your home movie memories. DVDs also take up a lot less space than VHS tapes!

Why choose MemoryHub for your VHS to DVD transfer project?

Experience - MemoryHub started converting videotapes to DVD in 2000, back when blank DVDs were $45 instead of $0.45. As a result, we needed to create a process which ensured our customers received a high-quality DVD from every videotape they sent in. We use top-of-the-line video playback and capture equipment and take pride in producing the highest quality DVDs from your videotapes.

Trusted and Safe - MemoryHub always provides the highest level of care for your videotapes. We began our business by working with over 3,000 professional videographers, and are one of the premier preservation and archiving services in the country. We believe that keeping your memories alive for years to come is of the utmost importance. We individually label and barcode your videotapes to keep track of your memories through every stop of our production process, and a 24-camera CCV system covering our production facility ensures your memories are kept safe and secure.

Outstanding customer service - We pride ourselves on being accessible to all of our customers, and a friendly voice is just a phone call away. Easily contact us via phone at (510) 342-9140, live chat, Facebook, or email for assistance. Our customer service representatives are always happy to help answer any questions you might have.

What if my VHS tape is longer than two hours?

We transfer all of our videotapes to DVDs or digital files on a one-tape to one-DVD basis, for up to two hours per tape. This is no problem for VHS tapes recorded in standard mode. However, VHS tapes can hold up to four, six or even eight hours of video if they were recorded in LP or EP/ELP mode. If you believe your VHS tape might hold more than two hours of content, you can download our 2+ hour production form and include it with your order. We will then create additional DVDs from each additional 0-2 hour segment of video on your tape, and contact you to place an additional order for any extra DVDs which were required on your order.

What VHS tape formats do you accept for transfer?

MemoryHub accepts most consumer format videotapes for conversion, and can transfer any VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes or SVHS tapes to DVDs or digital files.

Are my original VHS tapes sent back to me?

Yes, when your order is completed, your original VHS, SVHS or VHS-C tapes will be returned to you, along with your new DVDs or digital files.

What if my VHS tape is blank or broken?

If we are unable to transfer any of your VHS tapes, whether they are blank or broken, we will credit the cost of the transfer back to your credit card within 7-10 days after your order ships back to you. In the event your tape is able to be repaired, we do offer VHS tape repair services to fix your tape. We will contact you with the name of the broken tape, and you will have the option of us fixing the tape and continuing with the transfer, or returning the tape without fixing or transferring it.

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