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Most Common Questions

Q. What’s a MemoryManager?

A. A MemoryManager is a personal assistant, available one-on-one over the phone and online to help you save and enjoy all of your photo and video memories. MemoryManagers are available to help you every step of the way. They can help you collect and ship your memories, teach you how to organize your photos in your personal MemoryVault, show you how to share with family and friends online, and even help you create custom Photo Gifts for every special occasion.

Q. Are my original videotapes, photos, negatives and slides sent back to me?

A. Of course! Everything will be sent back to you shortly after it has been converted. If you send photo albums, they will be returned with your photos replaced in the album. If you send slide carousels, they will be returned empty with your originals in slide archive boxes.

Q. How long does it take?

A. It takes 2-4 weeks from when we receive your video and photo memories until we have finished professionally preserving them. If you have an exceptionally large order, it might take a little longer.

Q. Will MemoryHub’s Photo Tools work on my computer?

A. Our Online Photo Tools are compatible with both Mac and PC computers.

Q. Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?

A. MemoryHub operates in California and Washington State, and charges sales tax as follows. We charge customers in WA and CA the appropriate sales tax on Video and Film to DVD transfer orders and any orders of Video Archive DVDs, Video Edited DVDs, Photo Archive DVDs, Image Scanning and Photo Slideshow DVDs. Customers outside of these states are not charged sales tax on these types of orders.

Q. Why do I need to preserve my video and photo memories?

A. Your photos and videos are deteriorating every day. MemoryHub will help save your memories with no hassle and no risk. You’ll enjoy peace of mind and memories that never fade. If you are like most people, you have boxes and boxes of video tapes and thousands of photos – all squirreled away in your home. We hope you never experience a major disaster, but sometimes even daily life can be challenging! Whether it’s pets, toddlers or broken water pipes... almost anything can happen. MemoryHub offers secure online storage for all of your photo memories.

Packing and Shipping

Q. How do you keep my memories safe? I am worried about sending them away.

A. We know that your photos and videos are priceless. In our entire history, neither our company nor any of our strategic partners have ever lost a single memory. It is important to choose a professional shipping company – such as USPS, UPS or FedEx – that will track your package through the shipping process. Our team of professional video and photo experts uses cutting edge technology to safeguard your memories. We treat every video, photo, negative and slide as if they were our own. From start to finish, you can trust that your precious moments are in the best of hands.
Packing and Shipping Guide

Q. Can I send photos, videos, slides and negatives in the same box?

A. Yes. See our Packing and Shipping Guide for tips on how best to pack and ship your memories.
Packing and Shipping Guide

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. All of your memories are returned to you via the shipping method you choose - either USPS Media Mail or UPS ground shipping. Shipping and handling charges start at $9.99; a surcharge of 50¢ is added for each additional tape, and a surcharge of $1 is added for each additional set of 500 slides, 500 photos, or 400 feet of film. There is no additional surcharge for negatives.

Example Shipping Charges
5 Video Tapes to DVD:
$9.99 + $2 Tapes surcharge = $11.99

4 Video Tape to DVD, 500 Slides, 300 Negatives, and 600 Feet of Film to DVD:
$9.99 + $1.50 Tapes surcharge + $1 Slides surcharge + $0 Negatives surcharge + $2 Film surcharge = $14.49

Image Scanning

Q. Do you scan negatives, slides, and photos?

A. Yes, we can scan your photos, negatives and slides. All of our scanning services include Digital Ice technology to remove dust and scratches from negatives and slides. All scanning orders must include an order of an Archive Photo DVD.
Learn more about Photo DVDs

Q. How many photos fit on a DVD?

A. Approximately 500 standard quality or 300 high quality images will fit on a DVD.

Video Conversion

Q. What video tape formats do you accept for video transfer to DVD or digital files?

A. We accept all consumer format videotapes, including VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, 8mm videotapes, Hi-8, Video8, Digital 8, mini-DV, BetaMax, mini-DVD, regular DVD, and microMV.
Video to DVD

Q. How many minutes of video can fit on one DVD?

A. Up to 2 hours of video can be placed onto a DVD. If you have VHS or BetaMax tapes recorded in LP or EP/ELP mode, there may be four, six or even eight hours of video on your tapes. If you believe your VHS or BetaMax tapes might hold more than two hours of content, you can download our 2+ hour production form and include it with your order. We will then create additional DVDs from each additional 0-2 hour segment of video on your tape(s), and contact you to place an additional order for any extra DVDs which were required on your order.

Q. Do you accept PAL format videotapes for transfer?

A. Yes, we do accept European PAL format videotapes for VHS, MiniDV, 8mm and Hi8 videotape formats. However, an additional $9.99/tape fee will apply to your order, as we need to first convert your PAL format video to NTSC format prior to creating the DVD.

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