Packing and Shipping Tips

We take great pride in the fact that we have never lost a single memory. So you can rest assured that your memories will be in good hands. Please take a moment to read through our packing and shipping tips to ensure that you are following best practices when shipping your memories.

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Packing Instructions

1. Select a sturdy box with no holes or torn areas.

Even if you have only a few items to send, use a box instead of an envelope. Envelopes are not strong enough to protect your precious memories! Make sure that you choose a box that is sturdy and meant for shipping. You can buy boxes at your local UPS store or at your local Post Office. If you choose UPS, they will be happy to professionally pack your box for you.

2. Organize and Group your Memories.

Sort your memories according to types of media.

Video Tapes

Bind tapes together with rubber bands or wrap in plastic bags. For large orders we recommend dividing tapes into a few separate shipments. As a rule of thumb, we recommend keeping packages under 30 lbs.


Place all of your images into sealable plastic bags grouped by media format: photos, slides and negatives. If you are sending large photos, use some cardboard to ‘back’ the photos so that no bending occurs during shipping.

If your slides are in carousels, you are welcome to send us the entire carousel. We will remove, clean and scan the slides, then place them into customized archive boxes. The slides and their carousels will be returned safely to you.

You can also send us photos in albums. After the photos are scanned and preserved, they will be replaced in their albums and safely shipped back to you.


Bind your film reels together with rubber bands or place them into bags. For large orders we recommend dividing film reels into a few separate shipments. As a rule of thumb, we recommend keeping packages under 30 lbs.

If you would like us to transfer your film reels in a particular order, please number them 1 through X. Keep the film grouped by type, numbering all the 8mm film reels separately from your Super8mm film reels and 16mm film reels. If you decide not to number some of the reels, we will transfer them in an order of our choosing.

3. Fill the Box.

Line your box with padding – bubble wrap works best. Please do not use Styrofoam peanuts as their dust and small particles may harm your memories. Carefully fill your box so that your memories are in a position where they will not bend during shipping. Fill up any empty spaces in your box with bubble wrap, air bags, or plastic shopping bags. Place a copy of your order confirmation email inside the box. When you’ve filled the box, the contents should not shift a great deal or rattle.

4. Label and tape up your box.

In addition to including the address of our processing lab, be sure to include your return address. Check to make sure the box is properly sealed then select a shipping company that uses tracking, such as UPS or FedEx. Once your media arrives at our labs we will notify you via email and start preserving your memories right away!

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