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Do you want to have fun while making extra money? Do you want a convenient way to make money without sacrificing family time? Would you like to be part of preserving and protecting family legacies and to represent something that you can be incredibly proud of?

The Opportunity

Over 80% of U.S. households have some un-digitized images. There are hundreds of millions of photographs, slides, negatives, videos, and film that are deteriorating and need to be digitized. So why are all of these materials still in boxes in closets, attics and garages? And why aren’t more people using these services? Many people don’t know where to begin. Some feel they don’t have the time to do it. Others may be intimidated by the perceived technology used. Some may not understand the urgency of preserving their memories. Some might think the price is prohibitive.

MemoryHub has created a simple system to solve all of these challenges. MemoryHub uses MemoryManagers, or personal assistants, to help people preserve and protect their legacies. With the personal assistance of a MemoryManager, our customers get all the one-on-one help that they need. The MemoryManager helps customers digitize their images, pack the images that need to be sent in for digitization, and demonstrate any technology that needs to be used. They can recommend meaningful Photo Gifts for special dates in their customers’ lives (anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc.). Customers love the convenience and time savings that their MemoryManager provides. The MemoryManager helps to solve customers’ problems, educate them on the best options, and provide the personal attention they need. The MemoryManager receives generous commissions on orders placed by their customers.

Who is a MemoryManager

We have many different kinds of people who are MemoryManagers: stay-at-home moms, college graduates, part-time-students, even empty nesters. You can be a part-time or full-time MemoryManager. You will become skilled at using digital photography software and become more proficient with technology. Our MemoryManagers are outgoing, organized, customer-service oriented, and involved in social groups. They want to make extra money by helping people place their memories more front and center in their lives.

Real People, Real Stories

The main reason that I love being a MemoryManager is just to preserve my own family's memories. You never know when a tragedy will strike like fire or natural disaster that might affect or destroy all of your pictures, videos and keepsakes. My parent's house burnt down in a lightning storm in 2007. Even though I had moved out several years before, a lot of items from my childhood were still there. The week of the fire, they happened to pull out all of the photos, 8mm movies and negatives of me and my brother when we were little. All of it was in the living room and they were looking at all of it a little each night. The fire started in the garage below the living room and that section of the house was the first to go. It all just disappeared like that. I only have photos of my childhood that family members have sent me since then. My father is a photographer and had so many other photos and videos of events and items from his childhood that were lost too. The Personal MemoryVault is the perfect way to preserve these items in their original condition and can be enjoyed for years to come. I could never imagine if my family were to go through the same thing, but now I know that the memories of my children will be safe! —Tash, Marietta GA

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"I decided to become a MemoryManager because I love the business model and the ability to have my own schedule mostly from home. It's simple and you just take care of your customers and helping people preserve their memories. It's the best venture I've ever explored!"
—Tash, Marietta GA
"They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Keeping that in mind, I do not have to tell you how valuable a MemoryManager can be. I find it an honor and privilege to help people protect their priceless memories. Another great thing about being a MemoryManager is that the hours are flexible. I am a stay at home mom, so I need something that will fit into my schedule. Family, both mine and yours, is very important to me."
—April, Atlanta GA

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