More About our Gold Account

Our Gold Account is our discount pricing program that helps our customers save a load of money. A one-time fee of $39.99 let's you access pricing as low as $8.99/tape for video transfers, $0.13/foot for film transfer and $0.39/image for photo scanning, 35mm negative scanning and 35mm slide scanning services.

Video Transfer to Digital Files

In addition to converting video to DVD for our customers, MemoryHub can also create high-quality digital video files from your videotapes. Digital files can be added to your DVD transfer order for as low as $9.99/tape, or if you don't want DVDs, you can receive digital files for as low as $13.99/tape. Call us for details!

How the Transfer Process Works

MemoryHub makes it easy for you to preserve your video, audio and still images to long-lasting DVDs or digital files. Start by placing your order online or over the phone. Ship us your materials and we will email you both when we receive and return your memories in about 2 to 4 weeks. Then sit back and enjoy your memories!

Latest News and Updates from MemoryHub

Film Storage Tips for 8mm and 16mm Film

If you have 8mm film, Super8 film or 16mm film, it may take a little time to find a place where you can preserve your film in your own home without it degrading.  Follow these suggestions on how to store your film to keep your memories safe and intact.  … [Read More...]

Kodak Brownie Junior

The Kodak Brownie was a name Kodak used for a large variety of cameras over an 80-year period.  The first Brownie was introduced in 1900, and sold for $1.00.   The Brownie line of cameras was intended for use as a "Point and Shoot" camera for the … [Read More...]

New Audio Transfer Services launch at MemoryHub

MemoryHub is now pleased to announce that we are now offering audio transfer services.  While family stories and legacies are very often captured on video and film, your family’s history may also be captured in audio recordings.  There is something … [Read More...]

16mm film history

In 1923, 16mm film was debuted by Kodak as a cheaper alternative to standard 35mm film.  While 35mm was used mostly by professionals, 16mm film was the go-to choice for many amateurs because of its lower price point.  Overtime, a number of professional … [Read More...]

History of Disc Film Negatives

Like many other film formats popular among amateur photographers, disc film and negatives were developed by Eastman Kodak, and first entered the market in 1982.  Disc negatives remained in use for less than 20 years. Today, most people with disc film … [Read More...]

History of Regular 8mm film

Regular 8mm film was created by the Eastman Kodak company in 1932 as a less expensive alternative to standard or regular 16mm film. 8mm film is referred to by many different names, including “standard 8,” “regular 8,” “normal 8” and “double … [Read More...]

History of Super 8 Film

Super 8 film, also known as Super 8mm film, was created in 1965 by the Eastman Kodak company.  The “super” designation indicated that it was an improvement over Kodak’s older “regular 8mm film” (also called “double”).  The improvement … [Read More...]

Pass down your legacy by converting your memories to digital

Summer is the perfect time to finally take care of one of the important family projects -- preserving your family’s legacy. Storage Conditions Your family’s story and legacy – captured in videotapes, film, photographs, slides and negatives – … [Read More...]

History of 35mm negatives film

There were many film formats used in still photography.  Among amateur consumers, the most popular format over the years was 35mm film. The 35mm film used in still photography was introduced by Kodak in 1934.  Among users of analog film formats (as … [Read More...]

Videotape Repair Service Features

One of the more common issues we encounter with our video transfer orders are broken videotapes.  Many of our customers have sent in videotapes that have been driven over by a car, used as a chew-toy by the family dog, and been stuck in the video camera. … [Read More...]

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You guys and the services you offer are amazing. Thank you for the time you took today to explain this process so that i can make the best decisions about long term storage of our precious my family movies.
S. Wilder

I am SO happy with the DVDs you sent me after converting my old 8mm tapes. I was up until 1am last night watching 10 year old footage of my son and daughter for the first time. I can't wait to send another batch of tapes in. Thank you for your quality work. I am very happy with how the whole process has gone!
K. Lindley

I just received the converted DVDs in the mail last night, and so far have been thoroughly impressed with their quality! Based on my experiences, I will have quite a few new customers to send your way very soon. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
D. Quesenberry

Thank you for your services. The final product that I received was way beyond my expectations. I will spread the news to my friends and relatives. Thanks again.
R. Marotta