New Audio Transfer Services launch at MemoryHub

MemoryHub is now pleased to announce that we are now offering audio transfer services.  While family stories and legacies are very often captured on video and film, your family’s history may also be captured in audio recordings.  There is something very intimate and touching about hearing the voice of a loved one – especially a loved one who passed away a long time ago.  Of equal poignancy is the audio recordings of children practicing or playing musical instruments!

Audio Transfer Formats

While home movies often contain audio of friends and family talking, the voices (and musical notes) of those loved ones may also be stored on audio cassettes, reel-to-reel audio (reel-to-reel tapes), and – believe it or not — LPs (long playing records) or record albums.

Audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes and LPs/Record Albums may contain all sorts of audio treasures.  The most common gems uncovered include:

  • Genealogical interviews (grandma and grandpa talking about growing up, and their own early family history)
  • Voice recitals
  • School band/marching band performances (featuring a family member)
  • Children learning to play instruments (especially piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, tuba, and many other instruments)
  • School projects
  • Favorite radio programs (including early soap operas, like the Lone Ranger)
  • Recordings of historic events as they unfolded on the radio (like FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” speech”)
  • Early television programs (when audio recording technology, but not video recording technology, was available)
  • Interviews with your grandmother or grandfather

CD Capacity for Audio Transfers

MemoryHub can place up to 80 minutes of audio (from a single cassette, reel or LP) on a single CD.  If a single audio recording is longer than 80 minutes, the recording will be placed on a separate CD (and a separate charge will be required for each CD).

Audio Transfer Pricing

MemoryHub is pleased to offer very low prices for transferring audio recordings from audio cassettes, reel-to-reel, and LPs.

  • For audio cassettes, MemoryHub’s pricing is as low as $19.99 per audio cassette for up to 80 minutes transferred per tape.  Tapes longer than 80 minutes in total length are considered to be two tapes, and each side of the tape will be transferred to its own CD
  • For reel-to-reel, MemoryHub’s pricing is as low as $29.99 per 3″ reel, and $49.99 per 5″ reel (up to 80 minutes per reel)
  • And finally for LPs (long playing records), MemoryHub’s pricing is as low as $19.99 per LP.

Optional Add-ons to our Audio Transfer Services

After uncovering long-lost audio recordings, many families realize that, in addition to preserving the audio recordings, they want to format the records to maximize enjoyment.  MemoryHub offers a number of additional features which enhance enjoyment, including:

  • Track Separation – $9.99/CD
    Suitable mostly for audio recordings of music, our track separation service will separate songs into individual tracks on your CD.   You will be able to skip forward/back to the beginning of each track on the completed CD, and if you “rip” your CD to mp3 files, each track will have its own mp3 file created for it.
  • Noise reduction and audio enhancement (for soft sounds):  $9.99/CD

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