Videotape Repair Service Features

One of the more common issues we encounter with our video transfer orders are broken videotapes.  Many of our customers have sent in videotapes that have been driven over by a car, used as a chew-toy by the family dog, and been stuck in the video camera.  As a result, we get asked all the time – Can you repair broken videotapes?  The answer is a resounding YES – MemoryHub can help with our videotape repair services.

Features of our Videotape Repair Service

  • Risk-free videotape repair
    If we can’t fix your videotape, you won’t be charged!
  • Flat-rate videotape repair pricing
    All videotape repairs are $24.99 ($19.99 if you have a Gold Account), and include everything that might be required to properly fix your tape
  • Comprehensive repair service for your videotape
    We can repair just about any issue with your tape, including:
    - Broken or damaged videotape cartridge
    - Replacement of the “door” or “flap” on the videotape
    - Videotapes that have been “eaten” by your VCR or camcorder
    - Mechanical issues with either cartridge reel
    - Improper tape tension
    - Splicing together broken segments of tape
    - Tape that has broken off or detached from the end of the reel

What types of videotape can our videotape repair service handle?

We have repaired and transferred content from thousands of videotapes for our satisfied customers.  We can:

  • Fix a broken VHS videotape
  • Fix a broken VHS-C videotape
  • Fix a broken 8mm videotape
  • Fix a broken Hi8 videotape
  • Fix a broken Digital8 videotape
  • Fix a broken BetaMax videotape
  • Fix a broken MiniDV videotape
  • Fix a broken MicroMV videotape

My tape is just a little wrinkled because my VCR ate it – does it need a repair?

A tape that has been “eaten” by a VCR or camcorder likely has some mechanical issue with it that will make it susceptible to further damage if it is not repaired. If you have sent in a videotape that has previously been caught in a video playback device, we do require that it be repaired prior to our continuing with the transfer to DVD or digital file.

What types of damage can you NOT repair with your videotape repair service?

Unfortunately, there is some damage that we are not able to fix with our videotape repair service.  These types of damage are typically due to improper storage of your tapes (typically in very hot and humid or marine environments), and include:

  • Moldy video
  • Persistent breaking due to tape “thinning” caused by heat, humidity and/or age
  • Flood damage

Our Videotape Repair Guarantee

As with all of our services, we only feel it is fair to charge for services that we are able to properly deliver.  So if for any reason we are unable to properly repair your videotape, we will refund the cost of the video repair service.

How do I order a videotape repair?

If any of your videotapes require repair prior to their transfer to DVD or digital file, we will contact you via email to notify you and give you the option of moving forward with the repair.  We place all of our videotape repair orders over the phone, so if you know you have a broken videotape, call us at (510) 342-9140 and we can get an order placed for your broken tape



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