The MemoryHub Story

Our story begins when our founder gathered together boxes of his family's home movies and photographs and took them to a local mom and pop shop to be digitized. They gave him a price of $8,400. As an experienced entrepreneur, he said to himself, "this is crazy – there’s got to be a better way!" Out of that experience, MemoryHub was born -- to offer consumers an inexpensive and easy-to-use suite of services (with the personal assistance of MemoryManagers) to help families preserve, share and enjoy their most precious memories on an everyday basis.

To move from “great idea” to the creation of a viable business that helped families, our founder assembled a team of entrepreneurs – grandparents, moms and dads, sons and daughters – who were also frustrated with how difficult it was to find a comprehensive solution to preserve, share and enjoy our video and photographic memories. It drove us nuts that all of our precious memories were stored in tattered boxes in the attic and in musty albums we seldom opened. Most alarming to us was that our memories – our stories – were slowly and irrevocably deteriorating. For the most part, every solution available to consumers was too expensive, time consuming, and complicated. And for those images already digitized – or that we were creating with our digital cameras, phones and video recorders – there didn’t seem to be an easy way to share and enjoy our memories.

Our team wanted to find a solution.

So we started asking questions. We talked to our neighbors. We talked to the very best companies in this business. The more we talked to people, the more we realized that there was an enormous unmet need: millions of people just like us who don’t have their memories stored safely and are confounded by how “technical” and expensive all of the existing partial solutions seem. So we set out to solve the problem by finding the very best people and collaborating with the very best strategic partners who are experts in digital photography and video.

Our founder has spent a lifetime building different companies and knows how to find and attract the smartest people; in six months he built a great core team. When we met the team at StashSpace – pioneers in video conversion and image preservation – we knew that we’d found kindred spirits who could bring great experience and technology to the team. StashSpace was a small family-sized business in Winthrop, Washington state. For 10 years, they were leaders and innovators in helping consumers who wanted to convert, preserve, and share their video memories. StashSpace was excited by our vision and decided to become part of MemoryHub. So then we had a great solution to preserving and enjoying our video memories – but what about all of our photographs?

Most importantly, we are extremely proud to say that, in all the years they have been in business neither StashSpace nor Denevi has ever lost a single customer image!!!! Now all of their systems and procedures are part of MemoryHub’s systems.

In addition to StashSpace, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest companies in the photography and video world to help us create a wide array of photo products and services that we hope will bring your memories into your everyday lives instead of sitting in boxes, in albums in closets or even on your hard drives.

You will find that we can convert and preserve all of your photos, slides, and negatives at very affordable prices with our conversion services. You will be able to use all your past, present and future memories to create wonderful Photo Keepsakes and gifts for yourself and your family and friends.

We think that you will be very pleased with what we can do for you, and, very importantly, how we do it.

You can access MemoryHub online and through our network of independent MemoryManagers who will help you enjoy and share your memories without the hassle and usual time and expertise normally required.

As you can see, we’ve built our company by working with the very best people and businesses. But we also want to improve our business with the very best ideas – and we know that the very best ideas will always come from you, our customers. We want to hear from you! Tell us how we can improve our business. We want to do the very best job possible of helping you preserve and enjoy your memories for generations to come!


The MemoryHub team

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