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That's less than a safety deposit box and way more secure and accessible.
—Jan, Denver CO
What a wonderful experience to send in home movies I haven't seen in 20 years and be able to enjoy them within three weeks. Amazing!
—Terry, Mission Viejo CA
After I got my first DVDs back from MemoryHub, I found the rest of my videos and sent them in. The quality and service was outstanding.
—Charlie, Pittsburgh PA
I took images from the last 20 years of photos and slides I sent in to MemoryHub and put together the most amazing chronology of my son's life in a stunning PhotoBook. Thanks MemoryHub!
—Heidi, Bellingham WA
I had over 50 videos to preserve, so I did my research on pricing. I compared all the services out there. MemoryHub truly has the best prices, by far!
—Jean, Mukilteo WA
It's not often I think of a service as life changing, but this is!
—Heather, Pittsburgh PA
The only thing missing was the popcorn!
—Jean, Everett WA
I love my memories, but I am not a technologically savvy person. The personal assistance that the MemoryHub team offers was invaluable to me.
—Rebecca, Gaithersburg MD
After I had wiped the dust off, I sent my 34 photo albums in to have the pictures scanned and made into a slideshow. Pictures that I haven’t looked at in decades have come alive. Now every time one of my kids, or their kids, comes over I pop in the DVD and tell the stories. Incredible!
—Marita, Pittsburgh PA
Getting the kids together at the end of the season to create a Photo Book was genius! They may not have won a game, but the book was better than any trophy.
—Rich, Galveston TX

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New York Times
"…allows consumers to send in tapes for digitizing, upload saved files for sharing or connect their digital camera or camcorder directly to their computer and transfer new video or pictures."

"Don't let time destroy your old VHS or Super-8 home movies. Here are ways to digitize your family's memories."

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