Don't be a statistic – backup your digital pictures and video!

Over 25% of households have lost personal documents due to hard drive failure or crash.

Our easy image upload tools let you backup and organize your digital memories online so that you can prevent this loss. Plus, you can create beautiful Photo Gifts and even share your image albums on Facebook!

Backup Your Digital Images

Organized, Safe and all one Place!

MemoryHub helps you store and backup all your photo and video memories online. All your memories in one safe place to see, share and enjoy. We make it easy to upload and store your photos in your Personal MemoryVault.

Upload Photos

Upload Photos

Upload all of your digital images to your personal MemoryVault to add them to all of the slides, photos and negatives that you have had scanned. All of your images will be at your fingertips, ready to enjoy for generations to come. Mix and match new and old as you create custom Photo Books, Photo Gifts and other Photo Keepsakes for your friends and family.

Upload photos now

Upload Videos

Coming Soon: Upload Videos

Enjoy taking videos on your digital camera or Flip Video? Soon you'll be able to add all of your digital video to your MemoryVault for secure backup and online editing and sharing with friends and family. You can also use our online video editing tool to easily combine multiple clips onto one movie and order an Edited Video DVD for playback in your DVD player.

Upload Mobile Video

Coming Soon: Mobile Video

Hot on the heels of our video upload will be the ability to import video from your cellphone into your MemoryVault. Now you'll have all of your digital and analog video memories safe in one place, preserved for generations.

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"Gift Guide. Give the gift of the past. Those Super8 or VHS tapes filled with priceless childhood memories? Enlist a service such as to convert them from yesterday's formats to DVD."
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"I took images from the last 20 years of photos and slides I sent in to MemoryHub and put together the most amazing chronology of my son's life in a stunning PhotoBook. Thanks MemoryHub!"
—Heidi, Bellingham WA

Transfer Services

Uploading photos

We make uploading photos to your personal MemoryVault quick and easy with our image uploaders. We support all modern browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. and employ a simple, intuitive user interface. All you have to do is choose which files to upload. For those wondering what goes on behind the scene read on to learn about the different image upload technologies we employ:

Option 1: Aurigma Uploader

The Aurigma Imagine Uploader will allow you to select multiple images to upload at once. This is the easiest and most popular option. The aurigma uploader will also allow you to select from different quality options so that you can upload even faster. This uploader will involve downloading an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer or a Java applet for all other browsers. The uploader accepts JPG & PNG Files

Option 2: Imagine Uploader

The Imagine Image Uploader will also allow you to select multiple images from your computer; however, different quality options are not available and uploads will take longer. No add-ons are required in order for this uploader to work. The uploader accepts GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP & PSD Files.

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